Emily is a highly creative Industrial Designer and Visual Merchandising Designer with complimentary background in Architecture. She has 8+ years of experience working with startups, consultancies, firms, and corporations at every stage of the design process from initial research and startup brand identity to form refinement for manufacture.
She is a deep conceptual thinker with an irrepressible passion to innovate, contribute, and learn by uncovering and connecting unarticulated user needs to the next refreshing, successful product or brand. She is both highly professional and approachable with a natural ability to empathize and connect through strong communication and presentation skills.
Emily’s strong technical aptitude and understanding of manufacture, business, and spatial design bolster the development of inventive yet executable design. She is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame with a BA in Industrial Design and two years of Architecture curriculum.
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"...an outstanding creative professional with rich talent and high intelligence, a rising creative star..."

"...Emily has shown impressive creativity and vision in developing brand cohesion across style, brand and message."

"...consistently demonstrated skill in understanding the details of production and materials."

"Emily approached every project with a solid understanding of manufacturable design, experience design, and current market trends."

"...she excelled at communicating clearly with people with a range of diverse perspectives and team members across the company."
"...her unimpeachable work ethic..."

"...her dedication and passion to the company and her drive to bring real value to the organization." 

"Emily was an asset to our design team and our company as a whole..."

"Emily is a smart and delightful multifaceted professional..."

"...the unbelievable attitude and enthusiasm with which she approached any task or project assigned to her."

"Emily stands out as shining example of creative excellence, with a desire to be part of a good team and produce great work."
"She is a personality that truly cares about her team and those around her."

"...she always displayed a willingness to help other departments on projects outside the scope of her own responsibilities..."

"Her pleasant demeanor and upbeat personality raised the spirits of those around her..."
"She would make an excellent member of any team."

"...she will be an asset to any employer and I strongly recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue."

"Emily is a bright, talented, and hardworking designer who would be a tremendous asset to whichever organization is lucky enough to have her next."
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