This rotationally molded modular couch and furniture set is designed for college students and recent grads moving between dorms, apartments, and houses multiple times a year. 
1. Cushions on. 
2. Remove cushions. 
3. Remove table & stool tops from storage slots in couch. 
4. Lock four legs of desired height into table/stool top of choice. 
One modular couch stores: twelve(12) 12"x12" surfaces ideal for stools, plant stands, or end tables; two(2) 12"x 28" surfaces ideal for end tables; two(2) 12"x60" surfaces ideal for coffee and console tables or benches; and one(1) 6'x3' surface ideal for a dining, game, or extra large coffee well as # 18" legs; # 24" legs; and # 36" unfinished solid pine 2"x2" legs with pre-attached brackets. 

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